Kenzie’s Story

All great and amazing organizations, causes or memorial scholarships are created from the depths of great pain and loss. It is in that depth of pain and sorrow that the promises of keeping loved ones alive are born. It is in that great pain that the promises of dreams fulfilled are born. Where this deep love painfully births new realities where the burning deep bone desires to keep memories alive create dreams that live on and thrive. In memory of MacKenzie Ann Payne.


Our Mission

Committed to spreading JOY, HOPE & LOVE, by helping those in need in honor of our Kenzie Girl.

The Mackenzie Payne Memorial Scholarship Fund was born from a great loss. From the depth of one family’s pain, promises have been made. The promise of keeping their loved one’s memory alive by seeing other people’s dreams fulfilled.

Payne’s Promise…

Often than not greatest acts of charity are accompanied by a great loss. Throughout life we give donations to those asking to help support a cause not knowing the depth of their connection or the cost at which they’ve become involved with this cause. Unfortunately for my family most of Kansas knows our situation. Or maybe it’s fortunate for us so we can reach more in sharing our daughter Kenzie’s life aspirations. Our cause is…..Payne’s Promise Scholarship and Charity.

Kenzie’s Story

How We Got Started

MacKenzie lived with no fear and with an overwhelming love for life. At the age of 5, she was jumping into the deep end of the pool knowing she would make it to the edge. She did maybe just the top of her head sticking up out of the water but her determination got her there. This was how Kenzie faced everything that was put in front of her. DETERMINED!

Kenzie had a love for books. Reading was her version of self-care. She loved the idea of escaping into another world enjoying the adventure and an ensemble of freedom from the stress of life. She also enjoyed reading to gain knowledge to be able to debate any issue and to fuel her to complete her career goals. Becoming Dr. MacKenzie Payne.

Kenzie held on to her innocence as far as believing in all the good in the world. She believed if people were just given a bit of encouragement their true hearts would shine through. Kenzie constantly praised people to lift them up.